Hotel Ara Ambigua

In the most beautiful exuberance of the rainforest of Sarapiquí, as a green ecological sanctuary, full of peace and tranquility, and only an hour and thirty minutes from San José, we find Ara Ambigua Lodge. Our beautiful lakes have trails around, and we have three hectares of forest that has been preserved for many years, taking care of its flora and fauna, from there comes the 100% natural and pure water that we use in the hotel.

For our good sustainable practices, cultural and economic, Ara Ambigua has the certificate of tourism sustainability, CST, awarded by the Institute of Tourism, the highest level is 5, and we have 4 sheets. The food is one of the strengths of Ara Ambigua, in our restaurant La Casona, you can enjoy the most exquisite national and international food.



Serve God that allows us to manage your business, to our clients who honor us with their presence, respecting race, color, social condition and the nature that surrounds us.


Grow, in quality, warmth, respect and honesty for our clients.


Our rooms are surrounded by beautiful gardens, all have a balcony, where you can enjoy the nature that surrounds them, also have private bathroom, hot water, TV, A / C, Coffee maker, hair dryer among others. We decorate your room for honeymoon, with beautiful details to your liking. In addition, we have spacious rooms for families, all decorated with you in mind.
  • Air conditioner
  • Bath amenities
  • Balcony
  • Security Box (Reception)
  • TV
  • Hairdryer
  • Wifi in common areas


Ara ambigua is a living example of entrepreneurship, we are a Costa Rican family based in the area, who came to these lands in search of a better economic future. I buy this abandoned farm, with lots of pasture and brush, but surrounded by the silence of the forest and the noise of its nocturnal inhabitants, frogs, crickets, birds, etc. The idea of ​​building a Lodge was born, where we could share those beautiful melodies with other people, we sow from the first floor to what is now one of the best hotels in the area, fighting shoulder to shoulder, improving every day, so that our visitors have a stay like home, where families have the confidence to let their children run freely through our common areas without any fear, feel the human warmth that each of us, along with our collaborators, provide for them. Our children grew, joined the effort and today we are all together giving personalized attention, we are very happy to receive people from many countries of the world and ours for their position. We invite everyone who reads this page to share with us and live the experience that provides a place full of peace and quiet, full of nature, full of life, good food and practice with us, good sustainability practices.
Lobby de hotel


Ara Ambigua is located on 8 hectares of land, 3 hectares of forest that we have recovered and protected for 15 years, in which we have a self-guided trail, where our customers can freely make the entertaining and fabulous journey.

Three beautiful


We have three beautiful pools, two for adults and one for the little ones. Taking advantage of our pool area is one of the most relaxing entertainments that customers have when they visit us, always surrounded by nature, green areas and accompanied by the songs of the birds during the day.

Night tour

Of Frogs

Learn about the diversity and beauty of our country in our nightly frogs tour.

Conference Room

Celebrate your special day with us, we have a perfect room for the organization of activities. In addition, we have a conference room.

Enjoy these activities too!


  • Two beautiful lakes with trails around, special for bird watching.
  • Large gardens labeled with the respective common and scientific names.
  • Spa with sauna to make your stay even more pleasant.
  • You can participate in our reforestation program, planting a tree of native species.


We invite you to visit our protected wild areas, visit the following page: www.sinac.go.cr

Río Sarapiquí

You can enjoy the best rafting or a relaxing motor boat ride.

Ara Ambigua Lodge
Biological Station

La Selva

One of the first neo-tropical sites for biological studies, La Selva is the Mecca not only for scientists, but also for professional breeders and naturalists. Special for walks.

Tour de la piña


Come with us to this fascinating tour of the pineapple, know its process of germination and growth.

Ara Ambigua Lodge
Biological Reserve

La Tirimbina

La Tirimbina Biological Reserve (RTB) is a non-profit organization, under the category of Private National Wildlife Refuge. It was created to promote the conservation of the tropical forest of Costa Rica, through research, ecotourism and environmental education. Special for walks.

Ara Ambigua Lodge
Enjoy many

More tours

  • Chocolate Tour
  • Ant tour
  • Many more.

Visit to a local school.

This is an activity that is located within our program of social projection. The children in the school make a small presentation for the group and then we have a small exchange period to take pictures, play or sing. This applies to school hours only. It lasts approximately one hour

Ara Ambigua Lodge

Groups of Folclor

In the evening after dinner, we present groups of folklore schools in the area.


Our restaurant La Casona, has a recognized prestige for our excellent international and national food, also for our exquisite handmade pizza. We have a wine list and also a varied menu of cocktails, and in our bar you can enjoy them at happy hours from 4 to 7 pm.



We recycle

We reuse


We train

We collaborate

We encourage

We reforest

And we invite our clients to do it with us.


At Ara Ambigua we are part of the large chain of community companies and small and medium-sized businesses, which adopt concrete actions that allow us to orient our management towards the practice of sustainable tourism. Sustainable tourism has been defined by the world tourism organization, as one that "meets the present needs of tourists and host regions, while protecting and improving opportunities for the future. It is foreseen as a guide in the management of all resources, so that the economic, social, and aesthetic needs can be met, while maintaining cultural integrity, essential ecological processes, biological diversity and systems. of life support ". Therefore, we are fully committed to taking care of the environment, we comply with all the obligations that the law establishes regarding social insurance, salaries, policies and others. We are affiliated with the code of conduct, to avoid the sexual exploitation of minors in tourist companies. Continuous improvement at a steady pace has always been our philosophy, that's why today we have the CST tourism sustainability certification, awarded by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute. The maximum category is 5 sheets, of which we have 4. This categorization aims to encourage the development of the management of the best possible standard in sustainable practices. That is, to engage owners, management and other personnel, to change their attitude to an awareness of environmental, social, cultural and economic issues, to achieve a responsible and sustainable model.



Puerto Viejo, Sarapiquí, Heredia